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Opening Hours: 10am - 5pm                              Last admittance at 4pm

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Group Visits

We welcome ESOL Students, Holiday Experience Providers & other Groups to our open-air museum.
If you want to add a little magic to your group visit, you may want to consider including one of our special activities to your experience.

Planning Guide


Indepentdent ESOL

Full Day Visit

Entry + 2 activities + self-guided tour

$15.00 per Student

Entry + 3 activities + self-guided tour

$15.00 per Student

One teacher per class 


Supervising adults in the ratio of 1:10 students


All other adults will be charged . 

 $12.00 per Person

Non-refundable deposit is required within 7 days of booking.


Dressing Up

We encourage you and your students to come dressed for the visit. We find that dressing up enhances the educational experience. This can be achieved by adapting clothing already found at home! Here are the types of clothes that would have been worn by the early New Zealanders.


  • Dress mid-calf length (not full length).
  • Skirt and blouse are acceptable.
  • Optional petticoat and pantalettes.
  • Optional apron or pinafore.
  • Stockings or long socks.
  • Boots or shoes.
  • Cape or shawl (square of fabric folded diagonally e.g. baby blanket or table cloth) tied at the front or pinned with non-valuable brooch.  Bare head, bonnet or stra sun hat.


  • Bonnet or straw sunhat, gloves, stockings, leather shoes or boots.
  • Long full colourful dress or long full skirt with blouse covered by a large shawl (fabric square folded into a triangle).
  • A plain jacket or cape.


  • Long trousers (jeans, corduroy, cotton drill) with optional braces.
  • Long sleeved shirt with scarf or floppy bow tie at neck (shirt tucked in or worn over trousers with belt).
  • Optional waistcoat or boots or lace-up shoes.


  • White shirt with normal collar standing up with a cravat or small scarf tied in a front bow.
  • Leather shoes or boots plus suit with colourful vest, top hat or felt hat.
  • Light coloured trousers, dark jacket and vest, top hat or felt hat or trousers, braces or vest, straw hat or cap.

Available Activities

Migrant Women

Migrant Women
An Englishwoman and an Irishwoman unpack the trunk in this new land. One woman has been here for some time, the other has just stepped off the ship. You’ll laugh out loud!

Unpack the trunk

Unpack the trunk
An Englishwoman and an Irishwoman unpack the trunk in this new land. One woman has been here for some time, the other has just stepped off the ship. You’ll laugh out loud!

Butter Making

Butter Making
Help or watch a costumed character make butter the 19th century way!

Textile Talk

Textile Talk
Participants will be presented with a variety of clothing and other textiles from the 19th century. A costumed character will explain the history of the items.

Reservation Request

Please fill out the form below to provide us with some key information about the visit you're planning. We will get back to you to discuss your requirements. 

Please note: If organising visits on multiple dates, please complete a separate enquiry form for each day.

General Charges

  1. Cancellation less than a week before the visit will incur a cancellation fee of $100.00. Students must bring their own lunch. Please do not bring preschoolers on school trips.
  2. Payment can be made on the day by cheque, direct debit or you can chose to be invoiced.  Cheques should be made out to: The Howick & Districts Historical Society Inc.

Reservation Request for Groups

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We ask that you provide a list of the people without permission for Howick Historical Village to take their photos for promotional purposes. This can be provided in the space below or upon arrival.
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